Ask for Direction

I will instruct you and teach
you the way you should go.
            —Psalm 32:8

I’m not the brightest porch light on the block when it comes to direction. One night, my son Doug and I were driving to my apartment from across town. I thought I knew the way, but we found ourselves in a part of the city that was downright scary. I started breathing again when Doug accessed GPS on his iPhone.

I’ve also been in places spiritually where I shouldn’t have been.

David knew the feeling. There were times when he felt lost. According to Psalm 143, he landed in a bad neighborhood: his strength was fading, and he was in trouble (vv. 7, 11).

What to do? He got on his prayer phone and asked God for direction: “I trust in you. Show me the way I should go” (v. 8).

That’s a prayer worth copying.

God’s help is just a whisper away.

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