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Good luck with that, Rabbi—you’re declaring war on gossip, our favorite pastime; fouling the taste of something we love. “There is nothing so delicious as the taste of gossip” (Prov. 26:22 CEV). Sure beats broccoli.


Be strong and courageous.            —Joshua 1:9 Life is a mixture of joy and sorrow. You have good days and bad days. Victories and defeats. Times when you feel good and times when you don’t. What sets courageous people apart is that they refuse to give up. They stumble. Fall. Get …

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If Only

The Lord turn his face toward you and give you peace.         —Numbers 6:26 Is someone making your life miserable? An always-on-your-case parent? A you-can’t-do-anything-right spouse? An out-of-control child? A know-it-all associate? A cantankerous church member? Do thoughts that splinter your peace go something like this: If only my spouse was more …

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Do not seek revenge or bear a grudge.                         —Leviticus 19:18 Revenge and grudge-bearing is a dead-end street—and the name of the street is Misery Lane. Revenge is like biting a dog because the dog bit you. Harboring a grudge hurts no one but …

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You shall not covet. —Exodus 20:17 Francis de Sales allegedly heard more confessions than any Catholic priest. He said that he never once heard anyone confess covetousness. We don’t confess it because we don’t think we’re guilty of it; covetousness is seldom recognized by its victim. Yet, it ranks high among human flaws. A lopsided …

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