If Only

The Lord turn his face toward
you and give you peace.
        —Numbers 6:26

Is someone making your life miserable? An always-on-your-case parent? A you-can’t-do-anything-right spouse? An out-of-control child? A know-it-all associate? A cantankerous church member?

Do thoughts that splinter your peace go something like this:

If only my spouse was more understanding I wouldn’t be so stressed.

If only my child was more respectful I wouldn’t be so upset.

If only my boss was more considerate …

If only I didn’t have to deal with this impossibly-difficult person …

Would that bring you happiness and peace? No, because peace of mind is not circumstance driven; it’s an inside job. It is not events that determine your level of peace, but how you react to those events.

Peace comes from control of self,
not from control of others.

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