The battle is the Lord’s.
—1 Samuel 17:47

Once upon a time a shepherd boy with a sling and five rocks faced-off with a giant. You’re not jumping to the end of this entry to see what happened, because you already know. It’s a well-known story about a nearly-unarmed, nearly-naked kid taking on a nine-foot, armed-to-the-teeth giant, and defeating him without breaking a sweat.

David vs. Goliath is etched in our memory as a picture of the underdog coming out on top. It’s the stuff of Abraham Lincoln, Helen Keller, and Rosa Parks.

Step up and add your name to that list. Be a modern-day David, courageously facing whatever you’re up against—not because you’re sure of yourself, but because you’re sure of your God.

Fear kills faith. Faith kills fear.

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