He Loves You, Win or Lose

From heaven the Lord looks
down and sees all mankind.
               —Psalm 33:13

Watching a Little League game is fun. Watching the parents at a Little League game is even more fun. Their eyes are focused on one thing—their kid.

They love that child. He drops a fly ball, lets a slow-moving grounder slip between his legs, and strikes out every time he comes to bat. So what! Win or lose, that’s their boy, and their eyes are on him.

Mom finds the World Series boring. Dad dozes and misses the NFL play of the year. But you won’t find either of them snoozing at their son’s Little League game.

You are God’s child and he loves you, win or lose. He won’t sleep as long as you are in the game: “he who watches over you will not slumber” (Ps. 121:3).

Win or lose, God never stops loving you.

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