Be a Friend

Do not forsake your friend.
      —Proverbs 27:10

“A friend loves at all times,” said Solomon (Prov. 17:17).

No birth certificate is issued when a friendship is born. But at that moment life takes on new meaning: pleasure is expanded, pain is diminished, life is enriched.

True friendship is a pure and satisfying relationship because it isn’t contaminated by competing for power, position, or profit.

“A friend is someone who knows all about you and loves you anyway,” wrote Elbert Hubbard.

We need someone in our life with whom we don’t have to wear a mask. Someone who, when we’ve done something wrong, reminds us of all the things we’ve done right. Someone who affirms our worth when we feel unworthy.

Be that someone for someone.

See all; overlook much; criticize little.

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