Still His Child

As a mother comforts her child, so will I comfort you.
                                      —Isaiah 66:13

She was 18, but she had a question for her dad: “Am I still your little girl?” You know the answer; she will always be his little girl.

He was 76; his mother 95. She phoned to say she was thinking about him. She missed him, she said. He’d heard it before, but it was nice to hear it again. He hadn’t lived under her roof for over 50 years, but he was still her little boy.

You have a heavenly Father like that. “He is always thinking about you” (1 Pet. 5:7 TLB). You’ve heard it before, but isn’t it nice to hear it again? Regardless of your age, you are still his child.

You are proud to be his child.
Make him proud to be your Father.

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