He Knows How to Handle Life’s Storms

Without warning, a furious
storm came up on the lake.
        —Matthew 8:24

When a hurricane makes landfall, an earthquake rearranges the furniture, or a tornado hurls bullet-speed shards of glass, you’re a hostage of Mother Nature.

You are equally helpless when personal storms waylay you. The biopsy is positive. Your son is in the ER. The company is downsizing. Divorce Papers are served.

When the storms seem to be winning, turning your world upside down, it’s not easy to trust the Lord. But it’s the best thing you can do, because he is the best there is at handling storms: “He … rebuked the winds and the waves, and it was completely calm” (Matt. 8:26).

Be sure you’re in the right boat,
with the right person.

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