He Knows Everything about You

Even the very hairs of your head are all numbered.
                                 —Matthew 10:30

God knows everything about you. Everything. Your shoe size. Your favorite color. Your blood pressure. The color of your eyes. The shape of your nose. The number of hairs on your head.

Go to the mirror and have a staring contest with yourself. Let your eyes wander up your forehead. Look at your hair. Take a guess at the number of hairs pushing through your scalp. Go on, take a guess. Ten thousand? A hundred thousand? Don’t have a clue do you?

But God knows. He knows because he cares that much about you. You are special to him. Your birthday is circled on his calendar and your picture is in his wallet. He’s crazy about you.

God loves you as if you were his only child.

Happy New Year everybody!

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