Now You Know

Whatever you did for one of the least of
these brothers of mine, you did for me.
                     —Matthew 25:40

In the final judgment Jesus will say to some, I was hungry, thirsty, a stranger, naked, sick, imprisoned—and you fed me, befriended me, clothed me, cared for me, visited me. “When did we do those things for you?” they will ask. “When you did it for those who needed it,” he will reply.

To others he will cite the same conditions, and accuse them of having ignored his needs. “When?” they will ask. “When you ignored those who needed it,” he will reply (see Matt. 25:31-46).

Jesus identifies with those who are hurting. Whatever you do—or don’t do—for them, you do—or don’t do—for him.

The verdict for the “didn’t do” is grim. We may protest, “If I had known it was you I would gladly have helped.”

Now you know.

Small acts of compassion are big.

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