Your Want List

A man’s life does not consist in
the abundance of his possessions.
             —Luke 12:15

The self-storage buildings that dot the landscape of our hometowns would have baffled our grandparents; they couldn’t have imagined a need for them.

A hundred years ago the average American had 72 “wants,” with 16 of them ranked as “necessities.” Today that has ballooned to 484 “wants,” with 94 of them considered “necessities.” Our grandma’s “want” list was shorter than our “got-to-have-it” list.

It won’t be long until everything we own will belong to someone else. Only once God called a man a fool; a rich man. “You fool!” he said. “Tonight you will die. Then who will get what you have stored up?” (Lk. 12:20 CEV).

A small want-list is a large blessing.

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