Believe and See

Did I not tell you that if you believed,
you would see the glory of God?
                  —John 11:40

Jesus delayed. Lazarus died.

His sisters didn’t understand why Jesus hadn’t dropped everything and come running when he got their message that Lazarus was ill. “If you had been here, our brother would not have died,” they gently scolded.

Do you ever wonder why he doesn’t show up when you need him?

Why has he let your lived-happily-ever-after dreams dead-end in defeat?
Why doesn’t he zap that pesky problem that keeps you running to the doctor’s office?
Why did he let your loved one die?
Why do your prayers seem to go unheard?

Hard questions. But his promise to you is the same that he gave to those heart-broken sisters: believe in me and you will see God’s glory.

Seeing is believing we’re told. But sometimes
you have to believe before you can see.

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