Do What You Can

His followers took him by night and lowered him
in a basket through an opening in the wall.
                            —Acts 9:25

Infuriated by his conversion, a gang of Damascus fanatics plotted to assassinate Paul. They posted around-the-clock lookouts by the city gates, resolved to drop him in his tracks the minute he made a run for it.

But a cagey crew of Damascus disciples did an end-run on them. From an unguarded site on the city wall they lowered Paul to the ground in a big basket, and he hit the ground at full trot.

Who were the members of this sneaky squad? Don’t know; every one of them anonymous. We’ve never heard their names, but if they hadn’t stepped up we would never have heard Paul’s name.

Celebrate who you are and what you can do—and don’t beat up on yourself for who you aren’t and what you can’t do.

You don’t have to have a big name
to make a big difference.

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