Your Name is on the List of the Greatest

Here is a boy with five small barley
loaves and two small fish.
            —John 6:9

What was the name of the kid who shared his lunch and with wide-eyed wonder saw it multiplied to feed a multitude?

What was the name of the guy who loaned Jesus his donkey for his final ride into Jerusalem?

What were the names of those brave brothers that saved Paul’s life by lowering him over the Damascus wall in a basket?

Don’t know. None left their calling card. But the actions of each scratched out an important line in history.

Your name may be known by only a few, but your prayers, gifts, gentle ministry to people in need, and good life do immeasurable good.

You may receive no praise here, but you will over there, for Jesus said, “many who are the greatest now will be least important then, and those who seem least important now will be the greatest then” (Matt. 19:30 NLT).

You don’t have to be known well to serve well.

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