What’s Your Nickname?

Joseph … whom the apostles called Barnabas.
                                     —Acts 4:36

A nickname usually emphasizes a conspicuous feature. “Hey Red.” “How’s it goin’ Slim?” “Hi Lefty.”

His name was Joseph, but you don’t know him by that name. You know him by his nickname—Barnabas. That’s the name tag the apostles pinned on him: “Joseph … whom the apostles called Barnabas (which means Son of Encouragement).”

Every time we cross paths with Barnabas in the New Testament he is building someone up, standing up for someone, encouraging someone. The apostles reasoned, “Joseph is such an encourager, from now on let’s call him Barnabas.”

If you were pegged by what best describes you, what would your nickname be?

Your parents named you;
your actions define you.

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