You Are an Original

You did not choose me, but I chose you.
                          —John 15:16

31/100 is a notation indicating that the item belongs to a limited edition.

Like this. A famous artist creates an original painting; 100 prints of that piece are produced under his supervision; he numbers and hand-signs each print.

In the above example—31/100—the first number (31) is the number of the print; the second number (100) is the total number of prints produced; no more prints will ever be made. That gives each print a value of rarity.

Dial it up a notch. When no prints are produced, the original is a true rarity. That’s what you are. You are not 31/100; not even 1/10; you are 1/1.

God made only one of you. An original. One-of-a-kind. A true rarity.

God made you—just one of you—
and he didn’t make a mistake.

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