Choose Carefully What You Plant

A man reaps what he sows.
         —Galatians 6:7

You harvest what you plant. It is that simple. And that certain.

Some people limp through life feeling mistreated—by spouse, parent, child, teacher, employer, co-worker, friend.

And maybe they are. You may have been dealt a sorry hand and have a long list of legitimate reasons to be miffed.

Still, unless you face, fight, and defeat self-pity you are doomed to misery, for the seeds of self-pity produce a crop of anger, bitterness, and loneliness.

Eventually, everyone gives up on whiners, because trying to please them dead-ends in failure.

If you plant garlic don’t expect to grow roses.

You can’t build on self-pity;
only wallow in it.

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