Grow Up

When I became a man,
I put childish ways behind me.
      —1 Corinthians 13:11

When your friends have a new baby they send you pictures, right? The little doll is beautiful, but have you noticed that unless she’s sleeping, she’s crying? There are no “minor inconveniences” to a baby.

A newborn doesn’t have to be taught how to throw a fit; that’s standard equipment on all models. She arrives knowing how to fuss; hopefully, she will learn how to be happy.

Contentment is a learned behavior. “I have learned to be content,” Paul wrote (Phil. 4:11). You don’t have to learn how to gripe, but you do have to learn how to be content. Some never do.

A crying baby is sometimes cute. A whining adult never is.

“Grow up!” is good advice.

Growing old is inevitable.
Growing up is optional.

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