But Now …

But now in Christ Jesus you who once
were far away have been brought near.
                    —Ephesians 2:13

Before Christ came we Gentiles were a hopeless bunch: “… separate from Christ … excluded from citizenship … foreigners to the covenants … without hope and without God” (Eph. 2:12).

Thank God for verses13-19, where each of those miserable positions of verse 12 have a “but now” counterpoint.

Previously “separate from Christ,” but now “in Christ” (v. 13).
Previously “excluded from citizenship,” but now “fellow citizens with God’s people” (v. 19).
Previously “foreigners to the covenants,” but now “no longer foreigners and aliens” (v. 19).
Previously “without hope and without God,” but now at peace with God (v. 17) and having “access to the Father” (v. 18).

There was a time when we were excluded. Not anymore.

Measure what he thinks of you
by measuring what he has done for you.

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