The Amazing Church

To him be glory in the church.
       —Ephesians 3:21

By human measurement the church should have been doomed from day one.

It began with just a dozen men, not near enough considering a world population at the time of 200 million. Mainly those guys were uneducated, poor, and powerless—slim chance they could stage a campaign that would amount to much.

The infrastructure of the movement was laughable: no headquarters, no credentials, no connections, no money—a hit-or-miss, seat-of-the-pants operation.

It should have failed.

But it didn’t.

It was wildly successful. Within thirty years of its birth it had infiltrated every corner of the known world.


Because it was God’s movement, not man’s. Still is.

In business for 2,000 years with
stores in every town.

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