Possessions that Last

They were longing for a better
country—a heavenly one.
     —Hebrews 11:16

Early Christians collided with harsh circumstances—confiscation of property and possessions, even loss of life. They didn’t endure such treatment with “Why me?” bitterness, but accepted it joyfully (Heb. 10:34).

How could they do that? Because they knew that even in this life what they had gained was better than what they had lost.

And looking beyond this life, they knew that they “had better and lasting possessions” (Heb. 10:34).

Jesus said: “Blessed are you when men hate you … insult you … Rejoice … leap for joy, because great is your reward in heaven” (Lk. 6:22, 23).

In this life you can’t avoid suffering loss—of family and friends, possibly of health and wealth. But not loss of faith, salvation, and the promises of God.

And then there is life to come.

You live. You die. You live.

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