Where your treasure is,
there your heart will be also.
        —Matthew 6:21

Most of us are outlandishly rich compared to those who populate the world’s poorest places. With a super market around the corner, a late-model car in the garage, and a house filled with enough stuff to make the queen of Sheba gasp, we’ve been hoodwinked into thinking that we can whip the blahs by whipping out the credit card.

Maybe that’s the reason Jesus said that it’s about as easy for a rich person to get to heaven as it is to drive a Ferrari through a keyhole.

It isn’t that we can’t get to heaven. We can of course. But his warning about our treasure and heart occupying the same room puts those of us who live where we live and have what we have on notice that our work is cut out for us in keeping our values undiluted.

The path to contentment is not
to add possessions, but to diminish wants.

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