Distilled Wisdom (1)

Come, my children,
listen to me; I will teach you.
            —Psalm 34:11

This week let’s think distilled wisdom—lessons we have learned, are learning, or need to learn.

Part 1 …

Defeat rarely comes because I try and fail, but because I fail to try.

Success is often the fruit of attitude more than aptitude. So is failure.

I don’t have to be successful to start, but I have to start to be successful.

I will probably achieve what I aim at, so I need to be certain I aim at what I ought to achieve.

I will have seasons of both success and failure, and neither should be given more weight than it deserves.

Courage is not fearlessness, but mustering the strength to do what I need to do even when I am afraid.

I can’t change yesterday, but I can poison today by worrying about tomorrow.

Something needs to be done that won’t be done unless I do it.

Do it now, for you never know
when it will be too late.

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