Distilled Wisdom (3)

Whoever heeds correction gains understanding.
                                —Proverbs 15:32

Lessons we have learned, are learning, or need to learn.

Part 3 …

It requires no special talent to be miserable.

Negative thoughts don’t produce positive results.

Nothing can control my attitude without my consent.

If I plant poison ivy I shouldn’t expect to grow roses.

I should learn from the past, but refuse to let it define my future.

I won’t get better by chance, but by choice.

I am young only once, but I can be immature indefinitely.

The contented person is never poor; the discontented never rich.

Happiness doesn’t come from the goods I have, but from the good I do.

God knows my past, sees my present, and can change my future.

Wisdom doesn’t always come with age;
age sometimes comes alone.

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