I Resolve

Do not judge, and you will not be judged.
                              —Luke 6:37

Here are five resolutions that will cue you to make a U-turn when you catch yourself sloshing around in judgmental mud …

1. I resolve to remember that I will be weighed on the same scales that I use in weighing others (Matt. 7:1).
2. I resolve to be aware that putting someone down doesn’t build me up.
3. I resolve to refocus—away from the perceived flaws of others, to a mental scrubbing of my own mind and tongue.
4. I resolve to reverse direction, doing an about-face from what I find distasteful in a person by zeroing in on some admirable quality in him.
5. I resolve that when I am critical of a person—in word or thought—I will spend an equal amount of time praying for her.

Treat people as you do your photographs—
display them in the best light.

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