He Loves You As You Are

This is love: not that we loved
God, but that he loved us.
           —1 John 4:10

You don’t have to be perfect for God to love you.

Your Bible shows people as they are, warts and all—and God as he is, loving them as they are. All through scripture you see God’s love lavished on the flawed …

Jacob was a cheat. God loved him anyway.
David was an adulterer. God loved him anyway.
Peter was a traitor. God loved him anyway.

They weren’t loved because they became better; they became better because they were loved.

God knows your weaknesses and failures; also your strengths and successes. He loves you as you are.

You don’t have to become better before he will love you. But you will become better because he loves you.

God isn’t waiting for a future version of you
to love. He loves you now.

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