Hi You

What I want to do I do not do,
but what I hate I do.
  —Romans 7:15

They are strong enough to admit that addiction has played havoc with their lives. They come together because they’ve learned they can’t change on their own: they need each other; and they need God—or a Higher Power if they’re a bit iffy about God. They are Alcoholics Anonymous (A.A.).

They introduce themselves: “I’m Pat. I am an alcoholic.”

The group responds in unison: “Hi Pat.”

They don’t lecture each other. They just tell their stories about where they went wrong and how—one day at a time—they’re trying to go right. It works. Healing happens.

Isn’t something like that what the church is meant to be? Perhaps, at least in your little corner of the world, you can make it be like that.

“I’m Me. I am a sinner.”

“Hi You.”

People need to be valued, not evaluated.

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