Time will Tell

God intended it for good.
     —Genesis 50:20

“Every experience God gives us is preparation for the future that only he can see,” said Corrie ten Boom.

Coming from Corrie, that’s a sentence worth listening to—she was the only member of her family to survive the Nazi death camps.

“I wouldn’t have chosen the experiences I’ve had,” Corrie said. But she claimed that her painful ordeals were seeds from which God had harvested good fruit.

You too have been slammed with experiences you wouldn’t have chosen; trials you would have avoided if you could, but couldn’t.

Whether what happens today turns out for good or bad is yet to be determined.

Your time on this big blue marble is just the first few days of a very long life, as in everlasting. Don’t grade the never-ending by a this-world calendar.

The worst things in life sometimes
contain the seeds of the best.

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