What You Are … and What You Can Be

He knew what was in a man.
                 —John 2:25

You can’t fool God: “O Lord, you have searched me and you know me.” (Ps. 139:1).

God is onto people who honor him with their lips, but don’t have their heart in it (Matt. 15:8).

He knows everything about you. Everything.

He even knows something about you that you probably don’t know about yourself: he knows what you can become. He sees people not only as they are—but as they can be.

He saw Matthew the swindler; but he also saw Matthew the messenger.
He saw Peter the traitor; but he also saw Peter the rock.
He saw Paul the murderer; but he also saw Paul the missionary.
He sees you the sinner; but he also sees you the saint.

He sees what you can become. And he likes what he sees.

Your life isn’t finished. Don’t put a
period where God puts a comma.

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