You Are Important

In him we were also chosen.
           —Ephesians 1:11

Jesus chose, called, taught, and trained the eleven apostles named in Acts 1:13; then went back to heaven and left the beginning of his church in their hands.

The first 30 years of that church is chronicled in the book of Acts. It is sometimes called The Acts of the Apostles, but strangely has nothing to say about most of those apostles; eight of the eleven are never mentioned after Acts 1:13. No limelight for these guys who were the light of the world.

The Bible says to those of us who think more highly of ourselves than we ought, that we shouldn’t do that—and to those of us who think of ourselves as unimportant, that we shouldn’t do that either.

Your name may not be well-known, but you matter; you are needed; you are important.

God has no other child that can fill your place.

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