Twenty-Six Letters

All Scripture is God-breathed.
           —2 Timothy 3:16

There is incredible power in the ABC’s, the 26 letters of our alphabet.

Everything you learned in school was communicated to you through those 26 letters.

Everything people say to you is made up of those 26 letters.

Everything you know about God has been given to you through those 26 letters. Your English Bible consists of 66 books; 1,189 chapters; 31,000+ verses—all consisting of just 26 letters.

The greatest theological libraries available in English are comprised of floor-to-ceiling shelves of books concocted from a brew of just 26 letters.

What you know about the incarnation, faith, grace, salvation, judgment, and eternity has been disclosed to you by combinations of only 26 letters.

So much has been made out of so little.

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