Good News

By this gospel you are saved.
     —1 Corinthians 15:2

Gospel means “Good News.”

But before there is good news there is bad news.

The bad news is that we are sinners: transgressors and trespassers; derelicts and deadbeats; reprobates and renegades; frauds and phonies.

You can’t make us good by giving us a good scrub, a high dollar makeover, and fitting us out in haute couture custom made finery.

The bad news leaves us bleeding.

The good news is that we are loved in spite of our flaws … chosen, adopted, redeemed, justified, cleansed, forgiven, saved.

Bleeding, but also bled for.

God makes saints out of sinners; takes the bad and makes them good. Changes Zacchaeus the crook into Zacchaeus the convert; changes Saul the hatchet man of the Pharisees into Paul the servant of Christ.

Sad news eclipsed by glad news.


Saved by grace.

Grace is not achieved;
grace is received.

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