Are You Available?

O Lord, please send someone else to do it.
                                —Exod. 4:13

Moses was a shepherd, not a politician; a stutterer, not a polished orator. He wasn’t qualified to face-off with Pharaoh.

God was point-blank: “I will be with you” (Exod. 3:12).

You don’t have to be credentialed to do God’s work; don’t have to have a framed seminary diploma on your wall. You only have to be open to God’s calling.

If you feel God is calling you to do something, do it; even if someone else could do it better; and even if you can’t do it as well as you think it ought to be done.

Moses didn’t think he was qualified. You don’t think you’re qualified.

God’s response is point-blank: “I will be with you.”

The essential thing is not
your ability, but your availability.

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