The Most Sacred Shrine

He … became obedient to death
—even death on a cross!
    —Philippians 2:8

Have you visited the Alamo, that grand old mission in San Antonio?

Swing by if you get a chance. The Alamo is the cradle of Texas’ liberty. Observe bullet holes in the walls; relive the thirteen days when 180 valiant men stalled Santa Anna’s troops, purchasing our freedom with their blood.

When we eat the Lord’s Supper we celebrate a cradle of liberty on a far grander scale.

A bruised and bloody Nazarene stumbled up Golgotha, the place of the skull. The valiant Savior who died there rescued us from Satan’s grasp; purchased our freedom with his blood; put heaven within our reach.

The Cross is the most sacred shrine ever. Stop by it every chance you get.

The cost of freedom is best seen
from the foot of the Cross.

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