Judgmental Bias

Why do you judge your brother?
—Romans 14:10

It’s easy to overlook faults, forgive failures, tolerate weaknesses, pardon offenses, excuse sins, and forgo judgment—when they are our faults, failures, weaknesses, offenses, and sins.

It’s a bird of another feather when the same flaws tarnish our neighbor.

When we take seriously the Lord’s command to love your neighbor as yourself, the easy-on-me-hard-on-you double standard dies on the vine.

“Love each other in the same way that I have loved you” is a sure-cure for judgmental posturing.

Lord, deliver us from 20/20 vision in spotting blemishes in others and blindness to our own.

The robe doesn’t fit; take it off.
The gavel is too heavy; lay it down.

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