Work in Me

Five Days of Prayer – Day 1

With God all things are possible.
         —Matthew 19:26

Dear God,

You have often done the seemingly impossible—

You turned …

darkness into light,
chaos into order,
water into wine,
sickness into health,
sinners into saints,
death into life.

Today I ask you to do the seemingly impossible again—

Work in me to turn …

grumbling into gratitude,
fear into faith,
cowardice into courage,
apathy into enthusiasm,
self-centeredness into empathy,
self-indulgence into temperance,
self-pity into thankfulness,
selfishness into generosity,
detachment into concern,
disgust into compassion,
intolerance into understanding,
judgment into mercy,
disdain into love,
harshness into tenderness,
irritation into patience,
resentment into forgiveness,
bitterness into gentleness,
weakness into strength,
anxiety into calmness.

In the name of him who makes me want to be better.

Prayer need not be eloquent; only earnest.

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