Empty Graves

He has risen! He is not here.
              —Mark 16:6

It was in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel classifieds …

“Used tombstone for sale: real bargain for someone named Dingo.”

OK, my curiosity piqued … I would really like to know who Dingo was and why the tombstone where they planted him is no longer needed.

But I’m not at all flummoxed by a tomb in Jerusalem that’s no longer needed. It was vacated on a Sunday morning a couple thousand years ago.

A coterie of heavyhearted women trudged to the tomb that morning to anoint the corpse of their beloved leader, only to be told, “He is not here; he has risen … Come and see the place where he lay.”

It won’t be the last graveyard evacuation; one day “all who are in their graves will hear his voice and come out” (Jn. 5:28, 29).

Your last trip won’t be to the cemetery.

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