I Can’t Wait

I have learned the secret of being
content in any and every situation.
            —Philippians 4:12

I can’t wait until Christmas … until I get my driver’s license … until the kids grow up … until I retire …

When something bad happens you can’t wait until it’s in the shredder. When something good is on the horizon you can’t wait until it clocks in.

But itching for a thing doesn’t speed its arrival by a single minute.

Would your timelog reveal hours—even days—down the drain due to preoccupation with the future? Is fixating on tomorrow robbing you of today; causing you to miss out on what is, while daydreaming of what may—or may not—be?

The next time you blurt “I can’t wait,” back off. Relax and enjoy today’s ride. Live in the now, which is really all you have.

Today is the day you
couldn’t wait for yesterday.

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