In Times Like These (1)

Comfort, comfort my people.
             —Isaiah 40:1

Our nation is a tangle of crime, immorality, abuse, injustice, corruption.

But God still has loyal people in the land. Always has had. In Isa. 40:1 he charged Isaiah, “Comfort, comfort my people.”

The prophet calmed their despair by reminding them that God is powerful and in control.

He has held the oceans in his hand, he said; and he knows the weight of the earth (Isa. 40:12). Humans, no matter how powerful, can’t match that. Don’t be unnerved by their swagger and chatter.

The power of nations is less than nothing to God (Isa. 40:15, 17). Those nations that had God’s ancient people shaking in their sandals no longer exist. And those whose cutthroat rulers scare the daylights out of us today don’t frighten him at all. He calls the shots, they don’t.

(to be continued)

The power of prayer is mightier
than the power of the Pentagon.

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