Who do You Trust?

I trust in you, O Lord.
     —Psalm 31:14

The elderly lady was terrified as she inched along in a blinding blizzard in Oregon’s Cascade Mountains.

She exhaled a grateful gasp when she spotted a snowplow ahead. After she had trailed the monster machine through dozens of twists and turns the plow-jockey stopped, crawled from the cab and approached her car.

“Hi. Where ya goin’?” he asked.


“You’ll never get there following me,” he said, “I’m plowing this parking lot.”

A reminder that those we follow may not get us where we need to go. Humans have limited knowledge, are brainwashed by bias, and often dish out fishy advice.

Only God can be totally trusted. “Blessed are they who … seek him with all their heart …  All your commands are trustworthy” (Ps. 119:2, 86).

When you make God “Plan A”
you don’t need a “Plan B.”

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