Be Prepared

Prepare to meet your God.
—Amos 4:12

Wealth can be a good thing. But a person who is unprepared for its use and careless of its stewardship can be destroyed by it. Stories about lottery winners seldom have happily-ever-after endings. “The rest of the story,” as Paul Harvey would tell it, has frequently dead-ended in divorce, family feuds, violence, and suicide.

Power can be a good thing. But a perusal of world leaders reveals that power in the hands of those unfit for it leads to tyranny and disaster.

Parenthood can be a good thing. But newscasts unmask the horrors of abuse and negligence created by those who are unprepared for it.

Those who will enjoy eternity will be those who are best prepared for it.

Prepare for a life measured not
by years but by forever.

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