The Upside of Crime

Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good.
             —1 Chronicles 16:34

Does it make sense to own a watch so expensive that some thug will slit your throat to get it off your wrist?

Or to lay down big bucks for a car so pricey that you have to arm it with an alarm system that screeches like a breakout at Attica and a high-dollar GPS tracking apparatus that will home in on the hoodlum that hot-wired it?

Posting a newspaper notice of a trip to Aspen used to offer swagger. Now it’s an open invitation to crooks to rob your house while you’re away.

Is there an upside to our crime-clogged society?

There is. It causes us to reconsider where real worth lies—induces us to be grateful for the roof over our head, plenty to eat, good health, loving family, loyal friends.

Be grateful for the godsends
that bring blessings without risk.

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