You Are His First Choice

I have summoned you
by name; you are mine.
      —Isaiah 43:1

They had set the date, picked the preacher, reserved the church, and put down a deposit on an apartment. He would move to Texas and they would begin their happily-ever-after life together.

She flew to California to help him pack. He picked her up at LAX, pulled the pin on the grenade of cruelty and dropped it in her lap: he’d changed his mind; he wasn’t going to move and wasn’t going to marry her. She hadn’t been his first choice he said, and he was bailing out.

You will never hear anything like that from God.

You didn’t make the cut because his first choice refused the ring. You’re not a second stringer, a substitute, a fill-in, an also-ran.

You’re his first and only choice for your place in the family.

He could have chosen anyone he wanted.
And he did. He chose you.

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