God Can Change People

What is impossible with men is possible with God.
                                         —Luke 18:27

Matthew 13 records Jesus’ parable of the soils: four different kinds of soil (hard, shallow, worldly, receptive) that depict the condition of the hearts of the hearers.

But let’s get this straight: God hasn’t given us license to judge the hearts of others. We aren’t qualified to be soil appraisers. We may grade the soil as hard, shallow, or worldly; but in another season it may be receptive, fertile, and productive.

Every church has a few people in its pews that are a surprise to everyone—scoundrels turned saints. People that we’re certain will never change, sometimes do.

We need to remember that when we have doubts about what God can do and who God can change.

Don’t judge people by their past.
They don’t live there anymore.

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