In Remembrance of Him

Do this … in remembrance of me.
       —1 Corinthians 11:25

In preparation for their exodus from Egypt, Moses ordered each Israelite family to kill a lamb, brush its blood on the doorframe of their house, then roast the lamb and eat it with bitter herbs and bread made without yeast—the Passover meal.

When God saw a doorframe drenched in blood, he rescued that household from the death of their firstborn.

Each year, on the anniversary of that night, they were to observe the Passover, “so that all the days of your life you may remember . . .” (Dt. 16:3).

Fifteen hundred years after that night God again saw blood—not on a doorframe, but on a Cross.

The night before his crucifixion, Jesus observed the Passover with his disciples . . .

He gave them bread—Eat it he said, “in remembrance of me.”

And the cup—Drink it he said, “in remembrance of me.”

Communion is a string around our finger
—lest we forget.

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