Footprints Left Behind

He walked in the ways of his father.
           —2 Chronicles 20:32

Their father was dead.

Of the left-behind sons, Bunyan’s Greatheart said, “If they see any place where the old pilgrim hath lain, or any print of his foot, it ministereth joy to their hearts, and they covet to lie or tread in the same.”

Perpetuating the principles of the “old pilgrim” is a tribute of gratitude for the values he held and the standards he instilled.

We come behind a generation that was committed heart and soul to the Lord and the church.

They paid a price. We owe a debt.

Let us not, by indifference or lethargy, snuff the fire that was kindled by those who went before us. Rather, let us gratefully plant our feet in the prints they left behind, and take up the work where they left off.

Those who fail to honor the past
reveal disrespect for what got them where they are.

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