Three Views of Life

What is man that you are mindful of him?
                          —Psalm 8:4

There are three ways you can look at life.

A bombastic accident. Big bang! Twenty billion years ago—give or take a few billion—all matter was compressed into a dense hot mass that exploded. The cosmos was born. Through a long process of evolution, human life emerged. You landed a walk-on part in the play—and here you are.

An absent creator. You see the perfectly designed universe and conclude it was created by God. Then he wound it up and walked away to let it run its course. You’re on your own.

A concerned creator. He is a God of love. Every person matters. Every life has meaning. He sent his Son to save you, and is going to send him again to bring you home to live with him forever.

How you view it will shape how you live it.

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