Father, Make Me Like You

Stop judging by mere appearances.
                      —John 7:24

Sometimes I spout words that hurt. And sometimes I judge people in thought, even if not in word: loser; irrelevant; stupid.

As if my opinion is worth beans. It isn’t. As if my assessment makes me superior. It doesn’t. My critical evaluation of others doesn’t really say much about them, but it says a lot about me: harsh; haughty; unloving.

Let us pray . . .

Father, you don’t judge a person’s worth by his financial status, by her dress size, by where he lives, by what she drives. Every person is special to you.

Help me to see every person as extraordinary: important; valued; a child of the King.

Make me like you. Amen.

Judging others doesn’t define them.
It defines me.

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