Chosen by God

In love he predestined us to be adopted.
                  —Ephesians 1:5

The adoption agency called and said they finally had a baby for the childless couple.

When the mother-to-be goes to pick up the infant, imagine her asking the Social Worker these questions:

Will this child always be good?
Will she keep her room clean?
Will she eat her veggies without fussing?
Will she wash her own clothes?

There’s zero chance that they would let that lady drive away with that baby.

You don’t adopt a child for what she is, but for what she needs: love, care, a name, a home.

God didn’t adopt you because of your intelligence, your talent, your looks—not even because you were good. He adopted you because of your need: gave you his love, his care, his name . . . and is going to give you a home.

Adoption isn’t something you did—it’s something God did.

You are God’s child—not because you chose him,
but because he chose you.

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