He Comes When He Is Wanted

So Jesus went with him.
       —Mark 5:24

Mark 5:1–17 journals Jesus’ healing of a demon-possessed man, the drowning of a herd of pigs, and the reaction of the citizens.

The citizens couldn’t have cared less about the man who was healed but were so agitated about the loss of the pigs that they ordered Jesus to get out of their neighborhood.

So he did.

Banished by the crowd of pig-owners, he was welcomed home by a crowd of admirers.

Among them was a dad whose daughter was dying. “Please come and put your hands on her so that she will be healed and live,” he implored

“So Jesus went with him.”

“Please go away,” said one. “Please come,” said the other.

He comes when he is wanted; leaves when he isn’t.

Jesus is the perfect gentleman;
he never stays where he is unwanted.

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